​Tips for Good Leach Field Gardening

When gardening for your leach fields, you want to be sure to choose shallow-rooted herbaceous (non-woody) plants that are not overly water loving for planting on or near your leach field. These include many common perennial flowering plants. Such plants can actually be beneficial to your leach field to treat wastewater.

​When planting over your drain field, remember not to dig too deep into the soil and always wear gloves to protect you from waste water pathogens. Seeding your leach field with a dense cover of grass is the safest bet for avoiding problems related to root interference.

​OK for Planting Near Your Leach Fields:

  • ​Cherries
  • ​Crabapples
  • ​Dogwoods
  • ​Hemlock
  • ​Oaks
  • ​Pines
  • ​Sourwoods
  • ​Holly
  • ​Boxwood

​Best Choices for Leach Fields:

  • ​Perennial flowers
  • ​Grasses

​Not Recommended for Leach Fields:

  • ​Beeches
  • ​Birches
  • ​Cottonwoods
  • ​Elms
  • ​Poplars
  • ​Red Maples
  • ​Silver Maples
  • ​Willows