Gold Executive Restroom

​This space efficient restroom trailer features tasteful decor and offers flushing toilets, formica counter tops, stainless sinks, soft lighting, ventilation fans and air conditioning. It can run self-contained with its own internal water and electrical supply.

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  • ​Compact, and stylish
  • ​Self contained
  • ​Air conditioning
  • ​Interior and exterior lighting
  • ​Full-size mirror above each sink
  • ​Lighted occupancy signals

​Men's Private Room Features

  • ​1 urinal
  • ​1 toilet stall
  • ​1 sink

Women's Private Room Features

  • ​1 toilet stall
  • ​1 sink

Size: ​12'L X 8'H X 6'W

Our portable toilets are delivered
clean and on time so you never have to worry!

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