​Midtown Series

​The NEW Midtown Series by JAG Mobile Solutions features a modern feel with an emphasis on design.  A tiled accent wall is the key highlight of this interior style and is sure to impress at any event where style is essential.  The warm, neutral colors add a sophisticated subtlety that make it very inviting and pleasing to audiences of all style preferences.


  • ​Subway Tiled Accent Wall
  • ​Solid Surface Countertops
  • ​Stainless Sinks
  • ​Custom Etched Mirrors
  • ​Designer Woodgrain Flooring
  • ​Custom Cabinetry
  • ​6 Panel Doors
  • ​Graffiti-Resistant Walls
  • ​White Exterior Color
  • ​AM/FM/CD Player
  • Forced Air Heat


  • ​Waste Tank Heat & Insulation
  • ​Spare Tire on Steel or Aluminum Rim
  • ​Baby Changing Station
  • ​Hands Free Faucets
  • ​Sanitary Napkin Disposal
  • ​Toilet Paper Dispensers (Double Roll)
  • ​Paper Towel Dispensers
  • ​Soap Dispensers
  • ​Gender Door Signs
  • ​H/D Front Hitch Pintle

Our portable toilets are delivered
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