Functional Restroom Trailer

​The Functional Restroom Trailer is an efficient restroom trailer that features tasteful decor and offers flushing toilets, formica counter tops, stainless sinks, soft lighting, ventilation fans and air conditioning. It can run self-contained with its own internal water and electrical supply.

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  • ​Functional, tasteful and roomy
  • ​Self contained
  • ​Air conditioning
  • ​Interior and exterior lighting
  • ​Full-size mirror above each sink

​Men's Private Room Features

  • ​2 urinals
  • ​2 toilet stalls
  • ​2 sinks

Women's Private Room Features

  • ​5 toilet stalls
  • ​2 sinks

Size: 28'L X 8'H X 6'W

Our portable toilets are delivered
clean and on time so you never have to worry!

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